About CultureCase

CultureCase is an experiment in research communication. It aims to bridge the gap between academic research and its potential users and beneficiaries, by translating academic research into a form that is easily accessible by practitioners and advocates in the cultural sector.

CultureCase was developed following wide consultation with the cultural and academic sectors. We have drawn on the expertise of both academic and cultural sector advisers who have steered the creation of this pilot site.

The content on this site is edited by James Doeser, a freelance researcher, and King’s Research Associate.

Thank you to our CultureCase Academic Advisers

A number of people have helped to inform the shape, content and future direction of CultureCase, these include:

Anna Reading, Professor of Culture and Creative Industries, King's College London

Dave O'Brien, Professor of Cultural and Creative Industries, Sheffield University

Eleonora Belfiore, Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Social Inclusion and Cultural Diversity, University of Aberdeen

Stephen Clift, Professor Emeritus, Canterbury Christ Church University

Tak Wing Chan, Professor of Quantitative Social Science, University College London

Ben Walmsley, Professor of Cultural Engagement, University of Leeds

Beatriz Garcia, Senior Research Fellow in Communication and Media, University of Liverpool

About Culture at King’s College London

King’s has developed its strategy to take the university to its 200th anniversary, Vision 2029, which has in turn informed a refreshed cultural mission: to support King’s research, education and service ambitions through cultural partnerships in London and beyond, nurturing a cultural community across King’s and enhancing the university’s position as a global leader in HE/cultural engagement.

The focus for this next phase is to support, strengthen and showcase an inclusive cultural community that extends across and beyond King’s, bringing together artists and cultural partners with a vast number of staff, students and alumni, embedding the potential of arts and culture more effectively within faculties in support of their priorities and of Vision 2029.

A central Culture team brings sector expertise and specialist skills to King’s in support of these aims. Responsive to university, student, staff and cultural sector needs while continuing to match curatorial quality with academic ideas, the team helps to raise ambitions and standards across the community by joining up, adding value and delivering a select number of flagship projects each year.

If you would like to get in touch about any aspect of the resource then please email us.