Organisational change in arts and culture

This section has research that examines how organisations have successfully dealt with organisational change, how they have coped with shocks, and how they can adapt to new business models and funding sources.

The summaries in this category are:

Community consultation puts overstretched organisations on a better footing

This research was conducted by Ellen Rosewall at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, USA


The paper looked at developments in the state of Wisconsin in the USA, where ‘nearly 100’ capital projects have taken place since the early 1990s, a majority of the projects have a school connection and are …

By | 11 April 2014 |

Arts organisations should not blindly adopt corporate management techniques

This research was conducted by Martin Beirne and Stephanie Knight at the University of Glasgow and Queen Margaret University College, UK


This paper took a critical look at the way in which management techniques from the private sector have infused arts organisations. The authors suggest that simply incorporating management practices …

By | 20 March 2014 |

Strategic management will make museums more effective in achieving their goals

This research was conducted by Eva M. Reussner at Deakin University, Australia


This paper took a critical look at how strategic management might be applied to the running of museums. By applying this technique from outside the non-profit world, museums can create greater value for their visitors whilst expanding their …

By | 20 March 2014 |