Music training helps develop fluid intelligence

This research was conducted by Jim Meyer, Pinar Gupse Oguz and Katherine Sledge Moore at Elmhurst College and Arcadia University, USA


Previous studies have shown that extended and intensive music training can develop all sorts of capabilities in people. This study looked at how music training relates to ‘fluid intelligence’ …

Social activities protect against health literacy decline in older age

This research was conducted by Lindsay C Kobayashi, Jane Wardle and Christian von Wagner at University College London, UK


This study investigated whether various activities protect against health literacy decline during ageing. Health literacy is the mix of functional literacy skills required to successfully manage one's health. Data came from …

By | 5 May 2015 |

Theatre training can improve cognitive function and psychological wellbeing of older people

This research was conducted by Helga Noice, Tony Noice and Graham Staines at Elmhurst College, Indiana State University and National Development and Research Institutes, USA


This paper reports an experiment to investigate the benefits of an acting programme on the cognitive functioning and quality of life for elderly people in …

By | 10 April 2014 |