Using Shakespeare to exert soft power and online cultural diplomacy

This research was conducted by Billur Aslan Ozgul and three others at Brunel University London and three other institutions


This paper is based on a study of the global Twitter campaign to promote the British Council’s Shakespeare Lives programme. It analysed a corpus of 4,722 tweets in five languages to …

Programmes like Dance to Health could save the NHS hundreds of millions of pounds a year

This research was conducted by Simon Goldsmith and Themis Kokolakakis at Sheffield Hallam University


This paper evaluated whether ‘Dance to Health’ was an ‘effective and cost-effective means to address the issue of older people's falls’. The research calculated how many falls were prevented by the programme and how much of …

The arts have an important role in regenerating communities

This article was written by Alan Kay.


This article is based on a study of four arts projects in Scotland, each had an important role to play in local regeneration programmes. It found that, overall, art projects are versatile, can be used in training and employment, appeal to young people …

By | 5 May 2015 |

Strategic management will make museums more effective in achieving their goals

This research was conducted by Eva M. Reussner at Deakin University, Australia


This paper took a critical look at how strategic management might be applied to the running of museums. By applying this technique from outside the non-profit world, museums can create greater value for their visitors whilst expanding their …

By | 20 March 2014 |