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Satisfaction builds customer loyalty at a film festival

This research was conducted by Andrea Baez-Montenegro and Maria Devesa-Fernandez at Universidad Austral de Chile and Universidad de Valladolid, Spain


This paper examined the relationships between motivation, satisfaction and loyalty for attendees to the Valdivia International Film Festival in Chile. The research identified three categories of motivation (one relating to …

How weather affects a movie’s box office performance

This research was conducted by Duncan Sheppard Gilchrist and Emily Glassberg Sands.


This study looked at the impact of weather on movie going and opening weekend sales. The study used national ticket sales data and nationally aggregated weather measures. Overall, it found that unseasonable weather (too hot or too cold …

By | 19 June 2017 |

Drama can help reduce antisocial behaviour

This research was conducted by Michael J. Chandler at the University of Rochester, USA [Now at the University of British Columbia, Canada]


The paper looked at data from a programme in Upstate New York designed to reduce crime and antisocial behavior among boys aged 11-13. The study took 45 antisocial …

By | 5 December 2013 |