Instilling creativity at work using theatrical improvisation

This research was conducted by Anna-Maija Nisula and Aino Kianto at Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland


This paper sets out the impact of using theatrical improvisation techniques to develop creativity at a Finnish organisation of 6,000 employees undergoing a process of restructure and readjustment. The techniques were conveyed through ‘three …

Using dance to bring about innovation

This research was conducted by Nina Bosic Yams at Mälardalen University, Sweden


This paper describes an attempt to inculcate innovative thinking and innovative practices through the use of contemporary dance and choreography. The study took place within the bureaucracy of a Swedish municipality in 2014-15. At the core of the …

The potential of 'performance arts' to support change management

This research was conducted by Tracy Harwood and Sophy Smith at De Montford University, UK


This paper reports on a novel approach to supporting creativity and change management at a plant breeding and seed packing company in the UK through a devised 'performance arts' initiative. The case study explores the …

By | 26 June 2017 |

The consequences of focusing on charismatic leadership in the arts

This research was conducted by Melissa Nisbett and Ben Walmsley at at King’s College London and the University of Leeds, UK.


This study sets out to assess the role of charisma in cultural leadership, noting that the arts sector seems to be particularly invested in individuals perceived to be inspirational …

By | 21 July 2016 |

Using mentoring to embed organisational change

This research was conducted by Jonathan Paquette at the University of Ottawa, Canada


This paper looks at how mentoring affected organisational change and renewal in a number of large museums in the UK. The research found that mentors frequently supported their protégés in their agendas for change, even though mentoring …

By | 16 April 2014 |