Arts engagement has a range of benefits for young people

This research was conducted by Andrew J. Martin and five other people at the University of Sydney and the Australia Council for the Arts


This paper is about the role of arts engagement on the academic and non-academic outcomes of children and young people. It reports a large and multi-faceted …

By | 15 May 2014 |

Using an after-school arts programme to help ‘at-risk’ children

This research was conducted by Michael J. Mason and Susan Chuang at the University of Rochester, USA [Now at Virginia Commonwealth University, USA]


This paper reports the findings from an intervention that sought to prevent anti-social and delinquent behavior amongst children from low-income families in Rochester, New York. They found …

By | 16 April 2014 |

After-school arts programmes can increase the educational attainment of 'at-risk' students

This research was conducted by Trinetia Respress and Ghazwan Lutfi at Florida A&M University, USA [Now at Tennessee State University, USA]


This paper reports the results of an after-school arts programme in Florida. It attempted to develop the attainment of 'at-risk' African American students. The authors claim that the usual …

By | 10 April 2014 |

Theatre programmes can increase children's maths ability

This research was conducted by Mike Fleming, Christine Merrell and Peter Tymms at the University of Durham, UK


The paper looks at a study conducted on schoolchildren who participated in the National Theatre’s ‘Transformation’ project: it took place in a deprived neighbourhood in east London and was designed to improve …

By | 16 March 2014 |

Music lessons boost children's self-esteem

This research was conducted by Eugenia Costa-Giomi at the University of Texas at Austin, USA


The study looked at 117 nine year olds in Montreal, Canada who were not from privileged backgrounds. Half were given a piano at home and music lessons for three years; the other half constituted a …

By | 9 December 2013 |