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Delving into the ways that education shapes cultural engagement

This research was conducted by Natascha Notten, Bram Lancee, Herman G. van de Werfhorst and Harry B. G. Ganzeboom at four different universities in the Netherlands


There are two contrasting explanations for why levels of cultural engagement vary according to education levels within populations. One states that people come to …

By | 6 March 2017 |

Education (not status or class) determines arts participation

This research was conducted by Aaron Reeves at the University of Oxford, UK.


This paper seeks to understand social class, social status and education, and their relative effects on arts attendance and arts participation. The research rests on distinctions between these related and overlapping concepts. The author defines the terms …

By | 10 December 2015 |

Most people do not have eclectic music tastes

This research was conducted by Tak Wing Chan and John H. Goldthorpe at the University of Oxford, UK


The paper reports the results of a study into cultural consumption habits of 20-64 year olds in England. They found that people generally fall into three categories: omnivores, univores and a third …

By | 11 April 2014 |