Frequent attendance at cultural events associated with reduced cancer mortality

This research was conducted by Lars Olov Bygren and five others at Universities in Sweden, Norway and the USA.


This paper describes a long-term study looking at correlations between taking part in certain cultural activities and cancer mortality. In general, people in urban areas who frequently attended cultural events …

By | 10 July 2017 |

Can arts in education prevent high school drop outs?

This research was conducted by M. Kathleen Thomas, Priyanka Singh and Kristin Klopfenstein at Mississippi State University, Citigroup and the University of Northern Colorado, USA


In America it has been shown that those who complete high school have less trouble finding jobs, earn higher wages, often have better health and …

By | 21 December 2015 |

People who frequently attend cultural events tend to live longer

This research was conducted by Lars Olov Bygren, Boinkum Benson Konlaan and Sven-Erik Johansson at the University of Umea, Sweden and the Swedish Central Bureau of Statistics


By looking at a survey of people over a 10 year period the researchers were able to assess the impact of cultural engagement …

By | 9 December 2013 |

An active cultural life helps people live longer

This research was conducted by Markku T. Hyyppä, Juhani Mäki, Olli Impivaara and Arpo Aromaa at the National Public Health Institute, Turku, Finland


This paper examined data from a survey from the 1970s in Finland which followed a nationally representative sample of adults (aged 30+) over a 20 year period. …

By | 9 December 2013 |