Understanding online museum communities

This research was conducted by Tien-Li Chen, Wei-Chun Lai and Tai-Kuei Yu at National Taipei University of Technology and National Quemoy University, Taiwan


This paper uses a survey of students in Taiwan to understand how best to create emotionally resonant and engaging experiences with online museum communities. The survey was …

How augmented reality helps museum visitors appreciate paintings

This research was conducted by Kuo-En Chang and five other people at National Taiwan Normal University and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology


This paper reports an experiment where 135 college students were observed in the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. The students were divided into three groups. One group …

By | 3 September 2014 |

Children can be key decision-makers in whether or not families visit museums

This research was conducted by Kai-Lin Wu, Kirsten Holmes and John Tribe at the University of Surrey, UK and Curtin University, Australia


This paper reports the findings from research into how and why families decide to visit museums. The research is based on interviews with museum-goers in Taiwan. The interviews …

By | 11 April 2014 |