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The arts may improve health, wellbeing and vitality

This research was conducted by Lars Olov Bygren and seven others at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden and elsewhere


The paper reports the results of an experiment in which 101 people were randomly assigned to either engage in an arts experience or do nothing artistic at all. The types of …

By | 14 April 2014 |

Theatre training can improve cognitive function and psychological wellbeing of older people

This research was conducted by Helga Noice, Tony Noice and Graham Staines at Elmhurst College, Indiana State University and National Development and Research Institutes, USA


This paper reports an experiment to investigate the benefits of an acting programme on the cognitive functioning and quality of life for elderly people in …

By | 10 April 2014 |

Singing can sustain psychological wellbeing

This research was conducted by Stephen Clift and Grenville Hancox at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK


This paper reports the results of a study of 1124 choral singers from Australia, Germany and England. The choirs varied greatly in character, make-up and repertoire. The study asked about people’s singing experiences …

By | 11 March 2014 |

Group singing helps people cope with adverse life events

This research was conducted by Genevieve von Lob, Paul Camic and Stephen Clift at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK


The paper reports a series of interviews conducted with 16 people who had experienced an adverse life event (or multiple events) and were also members of a choir. These people used …

By | 11 March 2014 |

Arts engagement has a positive effect on quality of life

This research was conducted by Alex C. Michalos and P. Maurine Kahlke at the University of Northern British Columbia, Canada


This paper reports the findings of a large-scale survey that was designed specifically to measure the impact of arts engagement on the quality of life of the population of British …

By | 11 March 2014 |

Cultural engagement can bring you psychological wellbeing

This research was conducted by Enzo Grossi, Giorgio Tavano Blessi,  Pier Luigi Sacco, Massimo Buscema at the Bracco Medical Department, IULM University, Free University, Bozen and the Semeion Research Centre, Italy


The data for this study came from a survey of a representative sample of 1,500 Italian adults that …

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