This research was conducted by Fara Azmat, Yuka Fujimoto, and Ruth Rentschler at Deakin University, Australia


This paper highlights the role of Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) in the promotion of cultural inclusion in Australia.  The paper emphasises the importance of cultural inclusion in a multicultural society and the potential of the arts in creating inclusive organisations and communities.

Culturally inclusive environments are where people from diverse cultural backgrounds can take a role in the development of society

Previous research shows the arts have been a particularly important way of promoting cultural inclusion by contributing to the development of cultural and linguistically diverse (CaLD) communities, and to issues of health, education, and individual’s self-esteem. This article explores how a leading arts organisation – MAV – has contributed to cultural inclusion in the multicultural and multi-ethnic setting of Victoria, Australia. The authors conducted focus-group interviews with 43 artists, audience members, refugees and staff, in which they explored the extent to which MAV is an inclusive organisation. These groups were supplemented by the individual stories of artists and refugees.

Researchers found that MAV is promoting cultural inclusion by demonstrating participation, access and representation: all key elements of cultural inclusion

They also found that MAV promotes the principles of customised engagement (engagement with artists that is culturally sensitive); reciprocal empowerment (interactive events and opportunities for shared learning); and self-development (providing platforms for growth and career development). The study suggests that organisations should consider culture as a crucial means to foster inclusion in the workplace. It also suggests that organisations should use strategic partnerships with other entities for greater cultural inclusion, and in this way enable minorities to have more career development opportunities.

This summary is by Paula Serafini, King's Knowledge Exchange Associate

Title Exploring cultural inclusion: perspectives from a community arts organisation
Author(s) Azmat, F., Fujimoto, Y., & Rentschler, R.
Publication date 2014
Source Australian Journal of Management
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