This research was conducted by Ingebjørg Vestrum at the Nordland Research Institute, Norway


This paper examined the influential role of a community entrepreneur (CE) to create social change by introducing an annual jazz festival in a rural community in Norway. The community faced challenges related to depopulation and the area's low attractiveness to the youth population. In an attempt to reverse this, the CE involved the local community in creating a jazz festival.

Community entrepreneurs can use embedding to great effect

Commercial ventures use embedding mechanisms that can involve either the passive or active role of the local community. Research has shown that CEs that are closely connected to the local communities are more likely to build trust and local credibility compared to a less embedded entrepreneur. The process to embed such a venture must include the amalgamation of internal and external stakeholders.

The community entrepreneur must ensure that there is room for new ideas and impulses

By fostering collective action to create the jazz festival, it enabled the CE to embed the jazz festival as a community venture built on common interests. However, the CE must be mindful to balance the embeddeness of the venture with the need to generate of new ideas. Fostering inclusiveness and trust within the community give such ventures a greater chance of success.

This summary is by Shelly-Ann Gajadhar, King’s Knowledge Exchange Associate

Title The embedding process of community ventures: creating a music festival in a rural community
Author(s) Vestrum, I.
Publication date 2014
Source Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, Vol 26, Iss 7-8, pp 619-644
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