This research was conducted by Andrea Baez-Montenegro and Maria Devesa-Fernandez at Universidad Austral de Chile and Universidad de Valladolid, Spain


This paper examined the relationships between motivation, satisfaction and loyalty for attendees to the Valdivia International Film Festival in Chile. The research identified three categories of motivation (one relating to leisure, entertainment and escape; one relating to professional development; and a third relating to films and cinema itself). Using survey data they found that satisfaction was an ‘unquestionable antecedent of loyalty’, meaning people had to be satisfied by their experience of the event before they could be loyal to it in future. The paper identified two important segments who were likely to be loyal attendees: the first was visitors from out of town who were amateur film fans and the second was professionals within the film industry.

The film festival takes place over six days in October

It involves showcasing films and film-related activities as well as acting as a gathering of the audio-visual industry in the country, ultimately supporting ‘the cultural development of the region as well as [fostering] the growth of tourism in the area’. The paper is based on 322 survey responses from the 2013 festival, which ‘attracted nearly 20,000 spectators, of whom 55 per cent were tourists.’

The research tackled the complex matter of loyalty using four dimensions

People who were satisfied with the event who also exhibited the potential for loyalty increased 'their intention to repeat the following year, to recommend the festival and to report positive things about it'. They also sensed 'a greater feeling of having been right in their decision to participate in the event.’ To ensure ongoing loyalty of the two key segments identified in the study (cinephiles and professional visitors) festival organisers need to ensure a rich and vibrant programme of films while guaranteeing the smooth administration of the festival.

Title Motivation, satisfaction and loyalty in the case of a film festival: differences between local and non-local participants
Author(s) Baez-Montenegro, A. & Devesa-Fernandez, M.
Publication date 2017
Source Journal of Cultural Economics, Vol. 41, Iss. 2, pp. 173–195
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